Officia cupidatat minim tempor. Occaecat ut laboris sit ad ullamco dolor ipsum nostrud irure reprehenderit voluptate. New’s Old Fred Kingdom is currently only playable as an early trial version. The game is of course completely free and we look forward to new test players. So that we can better exchange ideas with our players, we also have a Discord channel with important information on how to play the game and whether the servers are running. There is also information there in the general channel about whether a new version is available. To install the game you have to install an installer first. This installer then loads the game from our server and installs it at will. It contains a launcher which starts the game. You will also be informed if an update is necessary. so it's important that you join us on Discord to play. Of course we are also grateful if you let us know if you find errors or if you want to tell us anything else. You can do all this in our Discord channel! Here is the Discord link to join our channel DPG. Here is the link to our Discord channel if you want to play Old Fred Kingdom: